• Nova I 49F

Nova I 49 F Freebass

MIII - consistently from the beginning

The Nova I 49 F features the characteristics of professional button accordions. Even at the lowest model of the Nova series, the button keyboard is ergonomically placed so that children begin their musical careers using only correct positioning.

The extremely light weight of 4,4 kg (9.7 lbs.) allows even the youngest musicians to comfortably transport the instrument. Together with the tonal range, which was created in collaboration with musical educators, this model is the best entry into the MIII world.


ModelNova I 49F
Reed plate qualitystandard
Button key
Number of buttons48
Button rows4
number of notes37
lowest noteG
highest noteG
Tone colors1
Freebass rows4
Freebass buttons49
Freebass notes37
Freebass lowest noteG
Freebass highest noteG
Freebass voices1
Size (height x width)31 cm x 18,5 cm
weight4,4 kg
CaseGig Bag