• Gola 414


The name GOLA signifies the passion of playing the accordion. When nothing else counts but the realization of musical potential, this truly great instrument combines pristine sound quality with one’s own powers of imagination.

The Gola represents the penultimate level of accordion building worldwide, and is the instrument of choice for only the most discerning soloists, including numerous World Champions, whether on stage or in the recording studio. The combination of top quality materials and highly skilled workmanship culminates in unmatched instruments for the most astute players. The quality of these remarkable accordions is apparent from the moment an order is placed. A Gola is not found lying around in a music store; it is constructed solely in accordance with the wishes and unique requirements of the customer. In this way, Giovanni Gola’s vision is still realized virtually unchanged today at the HOHNER works in Trossingen. Every single Gola ordered around the world is built by a small team of master craftsmen who work exclusively on this instrument.


ModelGola 414
Reed plate qualityA Mano
number of notes41
Piano keys41
lowest noteF
highest noteA
Voices in Cassotto2
Feet in Cassotto16'+8'
Tone colors11
Number of registers11
Standard basses120
Standard bass voices5
Standard bass registers7
Size (height x width)48,5 cm x 19 cm
weight11,8 kg
Strapsluxury straps
Casehard shell case
Case trolleyhard shell case with trolley

Artists known for their Gola 414 music

Tango, Musette, Latin, Jazz, Klezmer, Gypsy Music
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Free Jazz
Multicultural Musical Landscapes