• Fun Pro 120

Fun Line

The Fun Line accordions were designed by Frédéric Deschamps to meet the needs of a new generation of accordionists who want to improve their musical skills.

The main advantages of this accordion series are ergonomics, appearance, tone, and elasticity of the keyboards, the compression of the bellows and the light weight of the instrument.

The role of the accordion has grown in the last few years, becoming an established part of popular music. Consequently, the Fun Line was specifically adapted to be played on stage.

The instruments of Fun Line have been developed to all music styles such as international Pop, Folk, Musette and others. These models are ideal for the accompaniment of singers and incorporation into various musical styles including jazz, rock, pop, rap, and slam.

Emergence of the Fun Line accordions

Available for the last 12 years, this series of instruments was designed for a new generation of accordionists. The idea came during a fun evening at a nightclub. Product designers were haunted by the image of a drag queen dressed in many fluorescent colors under black light. The next day the first fluorescent Fun accordion was born.

The Fun Flash accordion has become an integral part of the accordion family. The variability of this series is valued by leading international artists of the new generation.

The Fun Line accordions are constantly developing and improving, not only in regards to aesthetics, but also in keeping with the teaching methods of its inventor, Frédéric Deschamps.


ModelFun Pro 120
Reed plate qualityDurall
Button key
Number of buttons70
Button rows4
number of notes53
lowest note
highest note
Tone colors6
Number of registers6
Standard basses120
Bass configurationstepped
Standard bass voices4
Standard bass registers3
Size (height x width)41,5 cm x 21 cm
weight8,5 kg
StrapsErgoline straps

Artists known for their Fun Pro 120 music

Master Accordion Educator