Fun Nova II 80 light

  • Fun Nova II 80 light

Fun Nova II 80 Light

Popular in the accordions scene today are the HOHNER “Fun Line“ models. Numerous winners of international accordion competitions currently use them, for example (Jérôme Richard, Grayson Masefield and Petar Maric).

The new “Fun Nova” accordion combines the technology of the successful Nova button accordion with the modern design of the Fun Line. The Fun Nova II 80 light, weighing 6.8 kg, is the lightest and most compact model of the Fun Line. This makes it the instrument of choice for beginners with high aesthetic demand as well as for professionals who need a convenient instrument for performances.

In addition to chromatic instruments like the Fun Nova there are diatonic models. Diatonic instruments produce different notes by pulling or pushing the bellows. Diatonic instruments became popular in the 19th century by offering a wide variety of musical styles. Over time, specific regional traditions and preferences were developed and are being continually expanded using specific models. For example the Compadre model is characteristic for the Latin American and Tex Mex Music.


ModelFun Nova II 80 light
Reed plate qualitystandard
Button key
Number of buttons60
Button rows4
number of notes46
lowest noteC#
highest noteBb
Tone colors2
Number of registers1
Register implementationregister slide
Standard basses80
Bass configurationstepped
Standard bass voices4
Size (height x width)37 cm x 18,5 cm
weight6,8 kg
CaseGig Bag

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