About Chromatic Accordions

The chromatic accordion is a very versatile instrument. The right hand operates a piano or button keyboard and can be played in all keys like the piano. The left hand operates the buttons of the standard bass.
The standard bass is split into bass- and chord-rows. The playing of the left hand resembles the style of accompaniment traditionally given by a bass or rhythm guitar. Therefore the chromatic accordion player has actually three instruments available: A melodic instrument (right hand), a bass and a harmonic accompaniment (left hand) - and this for all the pitches and Keys.

Accordion production without skilled handiwork is unthinkable. Despite modern automation technology a high quality accordion will always remain a musical instrument that owes its soul to the precision and expertise put into its construction. Especially when putting the final touches to the reeds and reed plates, experienced craftsmanship coupled with a feeling for music is the secret of the legendary HOHNER Sound. At HOHNER traditional handwork in accordion building goes hand in hand with research and development. The most modern production and analysis procedures are utilized in the construction of every accordion. It is a particularly satisfying moment for us when an accordion is finished. Combining thousands of expertly assembled, individual components with a rigorous final quality control results in an instrument that will give its future owner a lifetime of pleasure.