Latino II 26-48

  • Latino II 26-48

Anacleto Collection

Unmatched Feel & Response

In creating the Anacleto Series, HOHNER consulted with the world’s most famous artists to specifically address fingerboard dimensions, tactile feel, and smooth mechanism action for precise playing. Eduardo Hernandez of Los Tigres Del Norte commented when playing the new Anacleto Series "When I first placed my hand on the fingerboard, I could tell right away what I had in my hands without even playing it."

Premium - quality detailed workmanship

Each accordion is hand crafted and designed with crystal patterns and color schemes to fit the artist’s taste and create stage presence.

Finest sound quality

Every Anacleto Series accordion is made using hand made (a mano) reeds of the highest quality available. Every Ancleto comes with a velvet-lined instrument case and a genuine leather strap system.

  • 26 Treble Keys
  • Chorus MM (2 reeds)
  • 48 Bass Buttons
  • Chorus (4 Reeds)
  • Range B-C
  • 3 Registers
  • Size: 12.5” X 7”
  • Weight: 13.7 Lbs
  • 100% Handmade Reeds
  • Includes plush case with matching leather straps


ModelLatino II 26-48
Reed plate qualityA Mano
number of notes26
Piano keys26
lowest noteB
highest noteC
Tone colors3
Number of registers3
Standard basses48
Standard bass voices4

Artists known for their Latino II 26-48 music

Country, Rock, Pop