#enjoymusiceverywhere2016 Competition

enjoy music. everywhere.

You and your instrument!

Show us when and where you like to play!

You and your instrument – that’s all we want. During a shower, at work, in your free time… have fun playing music wherever and whenever the fancy takes you!
We’re giving away 500 Euros for the best photos and for the best videos and a selection of HOHNER instruments. What are you waiting for?
All you have to do is follow the three steps below:

  1. Take a picture or video on Instagram, with you playing an instrument in everyday situation

  2. Add the hashtag #EnjoyMusicEverywhere2016 and tag HOHNER Music (playhohner).
    In the case of a video, just put @playhohner in the description.

  3. Post it!

A multi-member jury will evaluate submissions and pick the two winners. It will consist of senior HOHNER executives as well as official HOHNER artists.

Please be aware of the competition’s actual period from June 1st to November 30th, 2016.

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest or to be awarded a prize!


1. Can I participate by posting a picture and a video?

  • Yes, of course. There is no limit.

2. What means "where you like to play" really?

  • Daily situations are meant. That means a situation which you have almost every day.
    The more crazy the location or the situation is, the more exciting the entire picture (or video) can look like of course.

3. So, whether a picture or a video wins?

  •  No. There is definitely going to be one winner for the best picture and another winner for the best video.
    Means we’re giving away in total 1.000 Euro (500 each: for best picture and for best video submitted) and several instruments for other winners.

    4. With what kind of instrument can I participate?
  • You can participate with all kind of instrment!

5.  Submitted how? Where?

6.  Do photoshopped posts count, too?

  • No. Only normal, regular Instagram images, with the common Instagram filters.

For any further questions and/or issues you might have, please go to our “Competition Rules” or send us an e-mail.


Christian Dehn,
Director Sales & Marketing
HOHNER Musikinstrumente
Norwegian pop/folk band
HOHNER Artists
Gunnar Seitz,
Steve Baker,
HOHNER Consultant &
Influential Harmonica Artist

Terms & Conditions

#EnjoyMusicEverywhere2016 Photo and Video Competition on Instagram

The Theme

Under the shower, at work, in your freetime… have fun playing music wherever and whenever the fancy takes you! Enjoy Music! Everywhere!

Participation in the Competition

Here's what you have to do: take a #photo or make a #video of yourself or a friend playing an instrument during your day, upload it to Instagram with #enjoymusiceverywhere2016 and tag it with our account (playhohner).
Contest period: June 1st – November 30th 2016
The best photos and the best videos will be chosen by a jury made up of selected specialists from the areas of music and photography.

The Jury
Christian Dehn, Director of Marketing & Sales  Hohner Musikinstrumente

Steve Baker, Endorser & long-term HOHNER Consultant

Gunnar Seitz, HOHNER Guitar Artist & Photographer

Katzenjammer, Folk Rock Band from Norway

The Prize

The entrants with the best photo and the best video will each win €500!
In addition, the best photos and videos will be published on our homepage www.playhohner.com and on our Facebook page and edited into a short film.

Terms and Conditions of Participation in #EnjoyMusicEverywhere

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest or to be awarded a prize.

The participation in the #EnjoyMusicEverywhere photo and video contest (hereafter referred to collectively as Photo Contest) and its implementation are subject to the following terms. Participation is exclusively online.

§ 1     Photo Contest

(1) The Photo Contest will be conducted by HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH (hereafter: HOHNER).

(2) Entrants take part in the competition by uploading a photo or video to their private Instagram account with the hashtag #EnjoyMusicEverywhere and tagging it with our account #playhohner. Submissions may only take place within the stated contest period.

(3) This promotion is in no way connected with Instagram and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram.

§2     Entrants

(1) Anyone aged 18 or over may enter the Photo Contest, but there is no legal right to participate.

(2) HOHNER employees, jury members and all other persons involved with the conception and implementation of the Photo Contest are excluded from entering, as are their first- and second-degree relatives as well as persons cohabiting with them or living in a common household.

(3) Only public profiles may participate in the Photo Contest.

§3    Exclusion from Photo Contest

HOHNER will neither control photos and videos submitted, nor do we accept any liability for the same. In the case of of any legal infringement originating in one of the photos or videos, especially in violation of §8 of these terms of participation, or in the case of the reasonable assumption of a possible infringement, we reserve the right to delete the photos or videos concerned and contingently to exclude the user from future use of the website.

§4    Organisation and implementation

(1) Every entrant is permitted to upload multiple photos or videos. With their participation, entrants agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Photo Contest.

(2) Participation is only possible via INSTAGRAM. Submissions in any other form are not permissible and will not be evaluated.

(3) Photos and videos will be stored by HOHNER in a dedicated data bank

(4) The 6 winners will be notified via Instagram.

§5    Third party rights to the photos and videos submitted

The entrant guarantees that he or she owns all rights to any photos or videos submitted, including the unlimited right to use all parts of each picture, further that the picture is free of any rights of third parties and that the personal rights of any persons shown in the picture are not infringed in any way. In the case of one or more other persons being recognizably portrayed in the photo or video, these persons must agree to publication. The entrant agrees to confirm this in writing on request. Should third parties nonetheless assert legal claims due to infringement of their personal rights, the entrant agrees to exempt the organisers from all such claims. Photos or videos which have been computer-edited may contain no images from magazines, books, commercially available CDs or similar.

§6    Granting of rights of use

(1) The entrant grants HOHNER free of charge the non-exclusive, worldwide, chronologically unrestricted, irrevocable and sub-licenseable right to make comprehensive use, in any and every way, of photos and videos submitted, in the advertisement and implementation of the Photo Contest and in reporting the Photo Contest, to reproduce and disseminate them and especially to publish them.

In particular the entrant grants HOHNER the right to use, reproduce, disseminate and especially to publish the photos and videos on HOHNER portals and websites, particularly on HOHNER profile pages and own channels in social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, in connection with the advertisement and implementation of the Photo Contest and reporting the Photo Contest.

(2) The entrant agrees that for all the above mentioned purposes, HOHNER can use the photo in combination with other works and that it may be altered and/or edited, as long as his or her personal rights are upheld. Edited versions, in particular excerpts from photos or videos, may be used as described above.

§7     Premature termination of the Photo Contest

HOHNER reserves the right to break off or terminate the Photo Competition at any time, without prior notification and without citing a specific reason. In particular, HOHNER reserves the right to exercise this option if technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in hardware/software) or legal reasons prevent an orderly implementation of the Photo Competition.

§8     Content

Photos or videos submitted in the course of the Photo Competition may not be interpretable as obscene, insulting, defamatory, ethically offensive, glorifying violence, pornographic, unsuitable for minors, racist, discriminatory, xenophobic, radical right-wing and/or otherwise objectionable. Uploading such photos or videos can lead to exclusion from the Photo Competition in accordance with §3 of these terms and conditions.

§9    Notification of the prize winners

(1) Users can view submissions on the dedicated HOHNER website www.playhohner.com/enjoy-music-everywhere/competition

(2) The 6 winners will be notified via Instagram exclusively. The PlayHohner Instagram profile will post comments under the winning photo and video requesting the winners to get in touch by email to competition@hohner.de within two weeks. If a winner fails to answer within this period, any and all entitlement to the prize is forfeited.

§10    Data Protection

Personal data submitted by entrants shall be stored and used exclusively for purposes of the Photo Competition. The names of the winners including place of residence (but not including postal code or address) will be published along with the publication of the photo/video in the context of the Photo Competition (reporting on the competition, prizegiving etc.). The entrant explicitly agrees to this. The entrant is free to revoke this permission at any time by writing to (HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH, Andreas-Koch-Straße 9, 78647 Trossingen, Germany ) or by email to competition@remove-this.hohner.de with effect for the future.

§11    Exclusion of legal proceedings, applicability of German law

The jury's decision is final and recourse to the courts is not permitted. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.