Willi Burger


Willi Burger was born in Milan (Italy). He studied first at the Academy of Fine Art and later at the Polytecnic. Already at the age of 14 Willi started to learn harmonica. Since then he developed a passion especially for the chromatic harmonica with which he played above all classic music.

In 1955 he had great success in Winterthur and after that started to play concerts all around Europe. Willi usually performs as a guest in an orchestra but for several years also as a duo with the pianist Marcello Parolini.

His mastery of all the technical nuances of the instrument is unquestionable and he is blessed with a wonderfully pure and expressive tone, but it is the passion with which Willi Burger performs in concert which makes him one of the greatest classical harmonica virtuosos of our time.


"After playing the Discovery I must conclude that today's beginning players have every reason to be very happy. It's a little masterpiece  -  seemingly very simple, but incorporating many important design elements based on experience. It's finest attributes are its form, weight and sound as well as the elegant simplicity of the slide package.
My compliments!"


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