Viktor Romanko


Viktor Romanko was born in 1953 in Gukovo, region of Rostov. After finishing his teaching and artistic training he began to work in Russia as a professor of the Ural - Conservatory.

Viktor Romanko has already won many awards: He is the first award winner of the International Competition in Klingenthal and the first prizewinner of imprivisation arts in Klingenthal. He has also won numerous competitions in the states of the former Sovjet Union. In 1994 Viktor Romanko was honoured because of outstanding achivements as a "Honored Artist of Russia". Ten years later he received the "People's Artist of Russia", the highest award which President Vladimir Putin performed in person.

Viktor Romankos style of music includes classic, folk music and rock - and pop music. He play on many international concerts like in Belgium, China, Germany, England, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Schweitzer, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus.



I love the new HOHNER Genius converter-button accordion (Bayan)! The advanced mechanics allow me to forget about technical failure during performing. I am especially impressed with the new system of chin switches – all 15 registers on the
right-hand side are available! The tone colours can be pre-selected according to the music I want to perform. With this development, performing becomes much more flexible and the switching is much easier. The precise mechanism and attention to detail during the manufacturing process allows for a rich and unique sound.
All musical styles can be expressed with this outstanding instrument.


Von Vivaldi bis Gershwin
Faszination Bajan
Best of Viktor Romanko