Tommy Williams


Tommy Williams was born in Merrick, New York. During his whole career he produced 3 albums, had two world tours and wrote numerous radio-jingles and voice-overs. He already worked with great personalities: Tommy Shaw of Styx, Eric Bazilian of the Hooters and Debbie Gibson. Tommy is also interested in theatre and plays several roles in local productions like Jesus Christ Superstar, the Robber Bridgeroom, George M! and Godspell.

Syl Nathan says about Tommy Williams:

This is a pro's pro. With a sterling career track record including a stint as musical director and guitar player for Deborah Gibson as well as his current gig as a member of the popular Wonderous Stories, Williams has shown he's a rare commodity in the area music scene - a rocker with an ear for melody. His work on Two Hundred proves his future is limitless, either with Wonderous Stories or as a solo artist. The entire disc merges Williams' educated pop sensibility with his nonpareil singing and arranging talents. Best cuts include "Ode To Judy," which sounds like a hit record with a great hook and soaring melody; album opener "Where Are You Now"; and "Over And Over Again," which closes the disc yet sticks in the mind for a long time, the mark of a good pop song.


Two Hundred