Tom Ball


Tom Ball was born ob the 24th of October. He started playing the guitar at the age of eleven and took up harmonica three years later. When Tom was a teenager he was playing in the band Yerba Buena Blues Band and together they wandered thorugh the Love-Ins and Sunset Strip night clubs until he left the country in the 70s. In 1979 Tom came back to the U.S. and started playing together with the guitarist Kenny Sultan - a partnership that still flourishes today and has resulted in eight duo CDs and countless concerts, festivals and tours all over the world.

In addition to working with Sultan, Tom has also performed and sung on scores of TV shows, films and commercials, has appeared as a sideman on over 250 CD releases, recorded four solo guitar CDs and written five instructional books and a couple of novels.


Tom is a lifelong HOHNER man. His main instrument of choice is the Hohner 560 Special 20 "straight out of the box," and he also occasionally plays the M2009 Marine Band Crossover; the 214/20 Piccolo; the XB40 Extreme Bender and a vintage 265/58 octave bass.

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