Tiffany Harp


Tiffany Harp is a traditional American Blues Harmonicaplayer. She was born in Southern Brazil, Itajai, Santa Catarina. She started playing harmonica at the age of 16. A naturally gifted Harmonica Player, she is self-taught, listening to recordings of Blues Players, and has been playing professionally since 2003 and with surprising development, drawing attention to her technical ability and strong footprints of mastery reminiscent of the 1950’s and 1960’s recordings of Chessand Checker Records (something rare and refreshing today). She has gained popularity worldwide having many loyal fans.
Tiffany has made appearances not just in her local area, but nationally as well in Blues Festivals. Tiffany represents a rather small minority of female Harmonica players, in the male dominated style of Chicago Blues.  

Her main influences are:  Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny BoyWilliamson (John Lee), Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller), Chester ArthurBurnett (aka The Howlin’ Wolf), Muddy Waters, and many other masters of the Blues.


I play the Marine Band because of the durability, sound quality, especially the tone, I'm adept to the tone of the blues harmonica with wooden body and the loud sound, which is exactly the sound I seek a harmonica in the style I play, for which I am influenced , harp players of the 50's and 60's

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