The Royal Squeeze Box



“The Royal Squeeze Box” is a professional duo from Dortmund which has set itself the goal of combining two elements which at first glance appear incompatible: The music of legendary rock band “Queen” and the “Squeeze Box” – the good old accordion.

Consisting of Aaron Perry, a classically trained singer, and Roman D. Metzner, who has adapted Queen's lush and complex music to make it playable on his accordion, the project initially began as a street music act in the year 2008. Soon engagements for walkabout performances started coming in and the duo began performing at private parties and company events. This was followed by invitations to appear at city festivals and on larger stages.

A special highlight for The Royal Squeeze Box was their performance with the orchestra of the State Opera of Braunschweig in front of over 6000 spectators.

Their solid musical competence, boundless energy and genuine joy of playing enable Perry and Metzner to convey the grand emotions of songs like “We are the Champions”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Living on my own” with complete conviction.

With  “The Royal Squeeze Box – Made in Heaven” the two musicians have succeeded in creating a program specifically designed for the acoustics and atmosphere of a church. Due to the simplicity of their presentation within a sacral environment, songs like “Mother Love” or “Who wants to live forever” gain new significance. The premiere of the church concert program took place at the “Freddie Mercury Memorial Day” in Montreux in front of Queen fans from all over the world.

The Royal Squeeze Box also perform as a special act at accordion orchestra concerts.