Thanasis Lightbridge


Thanasis Lightbridge was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1978. He discovered his passion for music, arts and technology at an early age and is now a composer and sound designer.
Thanasis creates eclectic music that combines diverse music genres and sounds into cinematic and space-themed music hybrids.
He has released 4 albums and 3 singles with his two projects “Dol Ammad” and “Dol Theeta” with whom he explores the fusion of electronics and heavy metal with opera singing.
He has a masters degree in “High Performance Computing Systems for Music and Visual Technologies” and his thesis was titled “Visualisation of Audio Signals and Visual-Aural Conversion of Touch and Interaction Signals”.
He is a music producer, digital artist and a video editor


I enjoy the purity, warmth and innocence of the HOHNER melodica's sounds as they combine with modern electronic and rock music.


Dol Ammad / Dol Theeta