Susan Sauter


Susan Sauter started playing the harmonica at the age of eight and subsequently studied classical chromonica for 12 years with Kathrin Gass. Parallel to this she played in the Hohnerklang youth orchestra and won the Trossingen city harmonica championship in 2004.

In 2007 Susan entered the “Solo Chromatic Harmonica (adult)” competition at the “World Music Festival” in Innsbruck and took first place. From 2005 to 2008 she was a member of “The Six Harmonix”, with whom she won first place in the Harmonica Group category at the World Harmonica Festival 2005. Susan Sauter has been a full member of the Hohnerklang Orchestra since 2006 und is now one of the ensemble's featured soloists. From 2006 to 2008 she pursued an extra occupational course of studies in chromatic harmonica at the Hohner Conservatory and graduated with full marks.

Since 2006 she has worked full-time as a business administrator in the Trossingen town hall. At the World Harmonica Festival 2009 Susan was awarded first place in the “Open category”, accompanied by Mario Nortmann on piano and accordion, thus winning her first world championship title. This success brought invitations for concert appearances in Germany and the USA, and in 2010 Susan had the honour of performing to a packed house of American harmonica lovers at the closing concert of the prestigious SPAH Convention in Minneapolis. Since then, Susan has performed regularly in a duo with Selina Fritz and also appears occasionally with Black Forest band Bluesquamperfekt.

Through the exchange program with Trossingen's sister city Beaverton, Susan came into contact with the Ising Choir under the direction of Stephen Galvan. For the past several years she has performed regular concerts with this ensemble, and in 2014 they went on a 14 day tour together, appearing in Notre Dame in Paris among other places. When playing without the choir, she is accompanied by Yvonne Yang on piano.


The reason that makes the Chromonica 270 Deluxe so special for me is the unique sound. So for me, this is the only one.

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