Steve Esteban Jordan


Esteban “Steve” Jordan also known as "El Parche," "the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion," "the accordion wizard," and other monikers. But when other accordionists call him the best accordeon player of them all it is the highest compliment. Being born in a migrant farm worker family and partially blinded as an infant je wasn't able to join the rest of the family in the fields, so they left him with the older migrants who could no longer work. 

Esteban was already at a young age introduced to conjunto music, especially the accordion playing of Valerio Longoria. At this time Longoria was following the community of migrant farm workers and played for them in the labor camps. These circumstances brought the two together and the young Esteban learned the instrument quickly. He then took up other instruments, most notably the guitar, and now, by his own account, he can play 35 different instruments. Although Esteban remained close to his traditional conjunto roots, he has never limited himself musically. In contrary, he pushes the diatonix accordion to its limit, both musically and physically, playing traditional conjunto, jazz, salsa, rock, zydeco and more.

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