Slavko Avsenik


In the meantime they are a real music legend, Slavko Avsenik and his Original Oberkrainer who strongly influence the folk music scene for 40 years now and whose sound, created by the brothers Slavko and Vilko Avsenik, is leading for a whole music style – in the truest sense of the word. They are said to be the most successful folk musicians for their amount of precious metal records cannot be achieved easily by others.

Anyway, 31 golden records, one platinum and one diamond record are proof of huge sales figures and a worldwide public response which led the group around the whole world in the course of the past four decades and made of them a trademark of the branch. Thus the ensemble was awarded the title of “Polka Kings of the World” in the USA and obtained the German record award in Germany. In 1987 Slavko Avsenik and his Original Oberkrainer were even entered into the Guiness book of records as “Head of the folk music”.

Hohner Morino


Playing the HOHNER Morino accordion brings with it lots of pleasure and joy.