Sebastien Charlier


Sebastien Charlier is a harmonica player, born in Beaumont-sur-Oise (France) in 1971. Following a degree in Philosophy, he launched himself into a Jazz career, exploring the harmonica in ways he'd never even thought of up until then ! He has been a Hohner devotee since 2004.

Combining improvisation and composing, Sebastien Charlier turned the harmonica into a fully accepted musical instrument. Since his teenage years, he's been passionate about the diatonic harmonica and his first musical path was towards Rock but strongly tinged with Jazz.

He uses the diatonic harmonica exactly like any other chromatic instrument thanks to new techniques. Sebastien Charlier upset the established methods a little. Those who thought that the little wooden rectangle wasn't up to certain musical styles and sounds had a rude awakening!

His world doesn't only evolve on a technique that is continuously developed and mastered; he finds constant inspiration in the eclecticism of his diverse encounters with other musicians (Didier Lockwood, Alain Caron, Keith B. Brown ...).

Sebastien Charlier takes part in numerous concerts - from duos to quintets, to festivals and clubs.

He also participates in studio recordings for Jazz and Contemporary music artists, and equally for background music for television and film.

Sebastien has also devised a school performance project with Nicolas Espinasse and has the opportunity to transmit his passion for the harmonica in workshops, classes and seminars in France and abroad.

He is the author of the method ‘I begin...the diatonic harmonica' in CD and DVD available at Hit Diffusion.


The requirement of the Blues Harp with its powerful sound complete my harmonica set.

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