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Sasha Nabokova is a singer / songwriter and guitarist from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. Considering herself an independent dreamer and free-spirit girl, Sasha started making music in 2007 when she founded her own girl band “The Refrigerator Cuties”. The band played pop rock music and oldies but Sasha always wanted her songs to be a little more personal. That is why she eventually started doing solo performances and writing songs outside of the band. Since 2014 she has been playing alone. Her songs are about love and emotions; most of them are based on her own personal stories from the past and present days.
Even though the musical influence on her work might not be too big Sasha names “The Beatles” as her all-time favorite band, followed by “The Turtles”, “The Beach Boys”, “Mr. Big” and “Aerosmith”. Next to these big names of rock and pop music she is also into various artists of the country genre. Although her native language is Ukrainian she writes all of her lyrics in English. “That's how all the world can understand what I wanna tell", she says.


I love my HOHNER Essential EP1-S0CE as this guitar completely suits me. First of all, don't forget that I’m a girl. And a really small one, too! Because of its size and shape I feel really comfortable when playing this guitar. And of course I love the look and the sound! I feel so great on stage when I hear how it sounds. It seems that my songs become better just because of this sound.


Sasha Nabokova

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