Risa Minami



Risa Minami, the chromatic harmonica player, graduated from Kobe College, majoring in Music (speciality : oboe). She began taking piano lessons at age three and oboe at twelve. Enchanted by the chromatic harmonica, Risa began studying it in earnest under Mr. Nobuo Tokunaga while at the university. This is the passion she has pursued to this day.

In 2009, Risa Minami won second prize in the open category of the F.I.H. Competition in Germany. She is also the proud winner of many other prizes including the Grand Prix in all categories and first prizes in the three categories of the 30th F.I.H. Competition in Japan(2010). She won first prize in Chromatic Harmonica Solo Open of the 8th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Singapore. (2010)

Here is the brief history of Risa’s musical career both at home and abroad.

Risa was the first player in the world to perform, all of the four movements of the Labyrinth of Fantasy (Chromatic Harmonica Concert) with the Bulgarian National Sophia Philharmonic Orchestra. She was received enthusiastically. In 2013, she made her recording debut with her first album Mint Tea which was released by King Records Co., Ltd. Risa's recent performances include the NHK TV program Anthology Album with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Tokyo Mixed Chorus as well as many dramas and animated programs in the background.

Risa was the talk of the town when her 2000 concert tickets at The Grand Hall (Hyogo Performing Arts Center) were sold out within five minutes of release. Her chromatic harmonica performances with stunning hight-level techniques and the many activities extending beyond the field of music have enchanted thousands of fans and music professionals nationally and internationally.