Rachelle Plas


Rachelle Plas, a girl, her harmonica and her voice.

""Rachelle Plas has the ability to capture the audience from the first title and just let it blow at the end of her set." (Blues Alive 76 n°9)

At 20, after being vice-world champion in judo, she has now her first album "Profile", a multi-faceted modern blues for the ears pleasure, her style is devilishly modern, with a strong personality, an explosive mix, new sounds and a determination as we rarely see ! Rachelle Plas has the harmonica flowing in her veins, she doesn't play the instrument, she is the instrument, it's like a second voice, directly connected to her soul, her pleasure to share the time. Also very beautiful singer who knows blacken her voice for the soulful side of her songs. She is supported by a strong team, all is compact and forms a real gang ! Rachelle Plas is a tomorrow sure value, on stage or record, the young french woman always has the argument to convince. Come listen, dream, let yourself go without moderation !"


All in Golden Melody harmonica seems to have been designed for me custom-built, all is perfect, the sound is warm and generous, an alloy of precision and power, never aggressive...The flexible reeds, the metal cover closed on the plastic box spring, and the perfect size & spacing of holes on box spring give me a perfect freedom of play. The only thing I miss would be an edition of Golden Melody in low tones, to find these same qualities, particularly in Low F, low low F, low C and low D....