Petar Maric


Petar Marić was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1990. Currently he is seen as one of the best young accordeon player. Petar won many international competitions: The CIA Coupe Mondiale, CMA Trophee Mondiale and the Klingenthal Akkordeon Wettbewerb are only some examples.

After 11 years of musical education at the Belgrade State Music Conservatory "Vuckovic" in the class of Aleksandar Nikolic, Petar spent one year in France to improve himself in Variete music under support of Frederic Deschamps.

Petar received many social awards like the "Belgrade Angel" by the Ministry of Culture of Belgrade, Medallion of Local municipality for contribution in cultural life, charter of Prince Aleksander Karadjordjevic.

Petar interprets a wide range of songs new and uses new opportunities giving him a further range and greater versatility than others have. His combination of talent, musicality and stage presence has thrilled the audiences in Europe (Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, and Slovakia) and also in South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand... 

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