Olivier Ker Ourio


Paris-based musician, composer, band leader, and highly-regarded soloist, Olivier Ker Ourio has established himself as one of the world premiere Chromatic Jazz harmonica players. His music combines lyric melodies with a deep souful tone we never heard before, but deeply routed into Jazz.

Olivier was born in paris in 1964, but grew up in his family's homeland: the small French territory of Reunion Island. When he was 8 years old, his father handed him a Hohner Chromatic.

If you want to read the whole laudatio, simply go to »Olivier Ker Ourio Webpoage and you will realize one of the real grands of the Jazz Chromatic.

We at Hohner are proud an feel flattered, that we share a true friendship with him.

Olivier Ker Ourio plays »Hohner Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe Custom


I have been playing HOHNER chromatic harmonicas since I was 10 years old. That's almost all my life ! My dad also played HOHNER all his life. This is how connected we are with HOHNER ! What I like the most with HOHNER harmonicas is that they all sound like REAL instruments, with a rich tone, a warm fat round sound that allows me to convey EMOTIONS! This is what music is about, telling stories, expressing feelings and emotions, and communicate directly with an audience, anywhere around the planet ! Music is UNIVERSAL!"


« Magic Tree » (Plus Loin Music, 2010)
« Oversea » (Dreyfus Jazz, 2007)
« Siroko » (e-motive records, 2005)
« Somminkér » (Cobalt, 2003)
« A Ride With The Wind » (Naïve, 2001)
« Oté L’Ancêtre » (Pee Wee, 1999)
« Central Park Nord » (Pee Wee, 1998)

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