Natacha Seara


Natacha Seara started playing the harmonica in 2003. She has been on many tours since then and played with the popular rock singer and composer Javier Calamaro (Argentina). In addition, she was invited by artist of many popular rock bands from Argentina, such as Turf, Los Tipitos, Deborah Dixon, Indio Marquez, Christina Dall, Gabriel Carambula, La 25, Gillespi, Mad, Pier, Heroicos Sobrevivientes, Jovenes Pordiosero, La Mancha de Rolando and Palito Ortega.
Last year (2014) she had the great honor of playing with Marcela Morelo in the distinguished Colon Theatre.

Natacha performed in San Paulo, Brazil, together with the harmonica artists Flavio Guimaraes, Thiago Cerveira and Vasco Fae. In Chile with Gonzala Araya, and in Ecuador she played at the Quito Blues Festival.

Currently she is a part of the group the group “A7 ARMONICAS”, and she has been playing with international musicians such as Carlos del Junco, Jerry Portnoy, Alex Rossi and Mark Hummel. 

Natacha recorded her first solo album “Tach & Blues”, which was produced in the Circo Beat studio with Pablo Lopez Ruiz as the producer.  Natacha took part in the recording of the new album of the bands Guasones, Palito Ortega, Axel, Joaquin Levington, Emanuel Ortega, Mancha de Rolando and Andres Calamaro.


I prefer HOHNER harmonicas because they have a very special sound. My favourite harmonicas are the Crossover and the Special 20.