Mick Seretny



 Mick Seretny has been playing Hohner harmonicas for nearly 40 years, mainly showcasing his musicianship with a host of fine regional blues bands, the latest of which is The Kingpins Band in Connecticut.

Mick started playing harp in 1971, being inspired by Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, Magic Dick, Little Walter, along with Charlie Musselwhite and Paul Butterfield. He then spent over a year in Europe jamming and sitting in with many different musicians from various countries.

In 1976 he moved to Florida and performed with The Saltwater Band, toured Europe several more times, and then became one of the founders of The Roadhouse Band. He then went on to join up with The Eddie Kirkland Band, The Mad beach Band, and back to Europe again to tour with Diamond Teeth Mary.

Mick moved to California in 1985 until 1999 and performed and recorded 3 cd's with The Undulations Band out of Sacramento. He then returned to his home state of Connecticut in 2000, and has since played with The BluesTalkers Band, The King Cake Band, The Chili Blues Band, and Pete Merrigan and the Sunapee Allstars.

He's been with The Kingpins Band for the last 7 years, performing 30 gigs a year. Mick's playing incorporates both blues and swing style, and The Kingpin's motto is that they play "Blues and swing that's good for your body and soul!"

"Not only are harpman Mick Seretny's horn lines, fantastic in a technical sense, but he plays with a sense of humor that shows his familiarity with the music. His harp work runs the gamut from pre-war techniques right to the most creative of cross harp techniques. Not to mention his tone, which won't quit. Mickey's playing is another outstanding example of the use of cross harp techniques beyond the limitations of the Chicago blues scene. While some harp players are standing around waiting for the specially-tuned Magic Dick swing harps, Mickey is out showing everyone how it can be done with the best of the present day harp. Whether the accompaniment calls for a trumpet or sax treatment Mickey is up for it and pulls it off."

- Phil Lloyd, American Harmonica Newsmagazine


  • The Undulations
  • The Undulations - "Bryte Blue"
  • The BluesTalkers - "Welcome To The Swamp"
  • The King Cake Band - "House of Joy"
  • William Reaves - "Rhythm N' Grooves"
  • The Kingpins Band - "Live at Corleone's"
  • Pete Merrigan - "Live at Murphy's"