Michael Stearns


A guitarist by training, Michael has contributed to a long list of productions, documentaries, shows and audio CD releases over the years. His soundtracks include "Back To The Future, The Ride", "Beyond Chaos", "Dolphins", "Star Trek, The Experience" and many others.

Michael discovered the Hohner EGS for his studio work.


"What I love about it is the body to neck ratio... ie: very small footprint body, but with the 'lap arm' extended, it works fantastic sitting in the studio recording in 'close quarters' with the laptop computer and other equipment. I've been 'forced' into writing/scoring and recording in a small studio with my mixing set-up in our large room... Thanks to the small 'imprint' of the EGS, I can lean it up next to me, or anywhere around me, without having to use a guitar stand that would take up too much space. The neck seems to go on forever in relation to the body and is fantastic to play. Really a wonderful instrument... especially love the sound of the pick-ups and piezos too."