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Mark LaVoie has been playing harmonica and performing for over 42 years. His solo voice and harmonica performance in a unique acoustic style is reminiscent of the late great blind legendary harmonica player Sonny Terry. Mark is a protege of Sonny Terry and was his driver in the summer of 1976. Sonny gave the following advice to Mark, which he has never forgotten,“Mark, you have your own style, take something from me, but play it the way you feel it."

Mark invented the LaVoie Vermont maple wood harmonica comb and the LaVoie titanium harmonica comb for the Hohner MS Series gaining him international recognition in the harmonica world.

His passion and commitment to acoustic blues roots music can be seen and heard in the videos on this page, with 2013 Grammy Nominated Bill Sims Jr. on their  2008 Delta Groove Music release American blues roots duo-Bill Sims Jr.& Mark LaVoie.

Mouth Organ Workshop with Mark LaVoie

Mark LaVoie's harmonica work shop, teaches you how to achieve "mouth organ" tone, on the 1,2,3 draw & 1,2,3, blow chord, on a Hohner 10 hole diatonic harmonica, in the key of G.   Mark teaches people how to use the correct breath technique, to play a catchy rhythm he has composed, to help beginning students produce a distinctive and infectious "mouth organ tone!" on the harmonica immediately.   All ages, especially kids, are drawn to this pleasing sound which encourages them to stick with it and play their Hohner Harmonica, for their enjoyment, with growing passion for the music.

House of Blues Radio w/ Dan Aykroyd (08/2010)House of Blues Radio w/ Dan Aykroyd (08/2010)

"Mark is a brilliant, exciting, and perceptive player. He has a long history of experience with authentic blues performance. He does a great presentation and is an excellent teacher. I was very impressed with how he lead an entire class through the basic steps and had them playing right away. I also noticed how, in the time since his visit, everything he told the class has helped them continue to improve."

--- Dr. Peter Hamlin
Associate Professor of Music, Middlebury College.
Commenting on Mark’s workshop with his Music Theory Fundamentals class, 2005.


Bill Sims Jr. & Mark LaVoie

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