Manfred Leuchter


Who is Manfred Leuchter? Even by his own definition it's difficult to say.

Born in 1960, he started playing professionally during the 1980s, when he recorded and performed live with Ina Deter, among others. At the same time he worked as a session musician in Hamburg and spent 15 years as producer, composer and arranger in his own studio as well as writing music for the theatre and designing sound installations. Singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey has relied on his talents for many years to produce his CDs. Manfred Leuchter has developed a uniquely personal style. "Sparito”, the debut album by the accordionist who has produced and arranged for so many other artists, really made the industry sit up and take notice when it was released in 2000.Being a perfectionist, he works with the most accomplished musicians he can find. A worldwide traveller who longs to be at home somewhere, he is fascinated by the city of Marrakesh, he has fallen in love with the Arabian nights and heat soaked days, its wise old story tellers and snake charmers.


In terms of noble sound, synchronism and sensitive tone response (and also expressiveness), there is no better instrument in the world. Over the years it has grown on me - from simple appreciation to heartfelt love.



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