Magda Piscorczyk


Magda Piskorczyk is a singer with a mature, low and unusual voice timbre. Described in France as "la voix noire et au costume blanc" (Black voice in a white costume). She is a guitar, bass guitar and percussion player, as well as a song writer. Magda performs music of Afro-American and African heritage. She is a two-time Semi-finalist of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA. Readers of the Polish blues quarterly chose her the Female Vocalist of the Year 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

Magda regularly performs with her band and has given shows at many festivals almost all over Europe. She is known for the excellent contact with the audience, which is alternately involved in spontaneous amusement (collective singing, emotional shouting, hand-clapping or snapping their fingers) and deep reflection. She has performed with many famous musicians, such as Bob Margolin, Bob Brozman, Seckou Keita, Greg Zlap, Rita Engedalen, Slidin’ Slim and Engerling group. In Summer 2010 she gave 22 concerts with Billy Gibson, Blues Award Winner.


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