Lucky Diaz

Lucky Diaz

As featured on NPR, All Things Considered, 3x EMMY Nominees and WINNERS and 2 X LATIN GRAMMY nominees and WINNERS! Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band have been crowned the very first Americans to ever win a Latin GRAMMY in the children’s album category!

Lucky  Diaz and Alisha Gaddis, a married couple, have been named ‘THE face of  kindie music’ by the Washington Post, ‘SUPERSTARS’ by Red Tricycle, ‘The  Rolling Stones of Kids Music’ by the Style Network, and PEOPLE Magazine  called their album the #1 in COOLEST kids music! They create indie  music sounds that are rooted in their whimsical child-friendly  imaginations. 

The songs on their five acclaimed and  award-winning recordings offer a musical and topical range aimed at  exploring all of the wonder and joy of a young person’s life. After they  teamed up with artist Micah Player, their 2011 video “Blue Bear” became  a hit sensation. The song appeared on their very first EP, Luckiest Adventure, and enjoyed #1 position on SiriusXM Satellite Radio for many weeks in 2010.  By 2011, USA Today was calling them the best new band for kids. In 2012, the band released A Potluck, which People magazine reviewed as the #1 new children’s album of the year. The new songs enjoyed heavy radio rotation nationwide. A Potluck earned a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, a NAPPA Award, and many other kudos by year’s end.

Next, Latin GRAMMY Award winning, ¡Fantastico! Translating  their hit “Blue Bear” into “Oso Azul” and re-introducing songs like  “Say What?” as “¿Que Dices?”(Also a #1 hit on SiriusXM), Lucky Diaz and  the Family Jam Band’s Spanish language release found a new audience of  families yearning to immerse their youngest listeners in dual language  right from the start. SiriusXM’s Mindy Thomas said that it set the  standard for Spanish-language music for kids, and ¡Fantastico! went onto be the first album ever to win a Latin GRAMMY by an American group in its category.

In 2013, after a year of intense development with a team of creative partners, the band released Lishy Lou and Lucky Too.This  album contains the Song of the Year by several parenting publications,  the smash hit- “Thingamajig.” Like NPR exclaimed, “This music is  rocking!”

2013 was a smashing success for the group in the  commercial market as well.  Iconic brand Coca-Cola chose Lucky’s song  “Falling” as their national summer campaign anthem playing on television  and movie theatres everywhere.  The duo showcased at Kindiefest, the  family music conference at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM); spent  the summer touring with venues including sold-out shows at the  Smithsonian, Los Angeles Book Festival Target Stage, Skirball Cultural  Center, NYC Symphony Space, and Madison Square Park- with more than 50  dates in three months’ time; and appeared on CNN, Univision, PBS and  Sprout TV’s “Sunny Side Up Show.” Later, they were crowned the TV show’s  #1 best guests of the year.

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2015 has proven to be another  wonderful year of the band! Collecting 3 EMMY Nominations and a win for  Alisha Gaddis for their PBS TV show Lishy Lou and Lucky Too! Also, most recently collecting a Latin GRAMMY Nomination for their latest album Adelante!

Lucky  Diaz and the Family Jam Band have also been brand partners with GAP,  Whole Foods, LEGO, USO, and Discmakers.  They have been featured in  Apartment Therapy, Los Angeles Living Magazine, Daily News, E! TV,  Washington Post, New York Times, Style Network and more.

Lucky  Diaz and the Family Jam Band also includes an evolving guest rotation of  the most talented musicians around including their base band: Musical  Director Wes Switzer on bass, Multi-Michael Klooster (Smashmouth  superstar), Deacon Marrquin, and guests instrumentalist Michael Farkas  (of WIYOS fame), Kurtis Keber (*bonus bass)  Gee Rabe on accordion, and  many more!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band is on the pulse of  all things kids music and brings smart, crafty lyrics with irresistibly  fresh pop beats.  Like Zooglobble states, “It'll take you all of about  15 minutes to become a fan of Lucky Diaz.”




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