Los Mighty Calacas


The mexican blues band formed by Marcos Coll, Emiliano Juárez, Fernando Ruvel and Zoar Miranda convinces with high energy. The music of the band reflects the" fiesta & vacilón" mind visions of their members. Having Blues, Soul, Funk, Surf and greasy Grooves as a solid base, learned first hand by touring and recording with legendary musicians, they mix it up with their own Mexican, latin popular music and culture full of roguish sounds and daily situations. Los Mighty Calacas integrate in their music the grease and sauce of green enchiladas and a bit of humor of this ingenious mexicanity in a visual-musical language without leaving behind the authenticity of the musical genre that they represent in a very convincing way…

”Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and specially las Señoritas ! Please welcome…Los Mighty Calacas and their “Cosmical guapachoso- pelucho sounds!”