Katzenjammer is an English-language Norwegian band from Oslo, formed in 2005 and consists of Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jørgensen.

The members met in 2004 while studying at a private music school in Oslo. The band was formed in 2007 while listening to Anne Marit Bergheim performing the song "Wading in Deeper" on the piano. They were brought together by a common feeling of being "the outcasts at the school." Katzenjammer felt that their music school didn't encourage originality, but "only wanted to teach what had been done."

The band is named after the comic strip “Katzenjammer Kids”. They chose this comic strip because they noticed that they resembled the characters in it. The term “Katzenjammer” is a German loanword that literally means "lament of a cat", and is used in Norway to describe low-grade music and instrumentation (which in Germany would be called “Katzenmusik” - "music by cats").

In 2008, Katzenjammer was chosen as one of the finalists in NRK's yearly Urørt competition for unsigned artists. They finished in third place with the song "A Bar in Amsterdam". That year they also performed at the Scandinavian music convention by:Larm in Oslo, gaining them national exposure.

Katzenjammer's debut album “Le Pop” was released in September 2008. The album is a mixture of different musical styles including pop, cabaret, country, and bluegrass. Its songs were composed by the band's friend Mats Rybø, while the music was arranged by Katzenjammer on their fifteen instruments.
“Le Pop” was well received by music critics, and was described as "engrossing and appealing". It reached number nine on the Norwegian album charts. In 2008, “Le Pop” was nominated for a Spellemannprisen award for Best Debut Album of the Year.

“A Kiss Before You Go”, Katzenjammer's second album, was released in September 2011. It debuted at number seven on the German album charts, and was gold certified. In Norway, the album reached number six. The album received positive reviews from critics, who found it to be "utterly delightful" and "close to brilliance." The lead single, "I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)", was a minor hit in Germany, peaking at number thirty-two on the single charts.  

In May 2012, Katzenjammer released “A Kiss Before You Go: Live in Hamburg”, their first live album. Recorded at “Große Freiheit 36” in Hamburg, it was released in both CD and DVD formats. In 2013 they also contributed to the book "Think like a rockstar" written by Ståle Økland.

Their new album “Rockland” was released on January 16, 2015, via Vertigo and Universal Music.


Le Pop

A Kiss Before You Go

A Kiss Bofore You Go: Live in Hamburg


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