Julius Julez Holzmann was born august 15th. Since he was four he plays the HOHNER accordion with great pleasure. From 2006 to 2009, he studied at the HOHNER conservatory in Trossingen and gave lessons for accordion, electric guitar and bass. At the moment, Julez teaches at the Akkordimento Lingenfeld and the HSL Leopoldshafen.
Julez already had the possibility to work with famous bands like Equilibrium and Jupiter Jones and is currently a member of the band Deadsystem.


I like the unique big sound of comparatively small compact instruments. The Fun Flash transports the music which is in my head directly to the audience, as I wanted to have it.

The special feature of HOHNER Accordions is the easy playability of the bass and treble side. A result is achieved by only small effort.

Julezz PLAYS