Jorge Hernandez


The old tradition of ‘corrido’ (story, song, celebrating the enduring pursuit of truth, justice and opportunity, whether by heroes or ordinary folk) was kept alive by Los Tigres del Norte during their three decades lasting career. They sold millions of records and played extensive concert tours throughout the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Asia, that made Los Tigres Del Norte international legends.

Led by the eldest, Jorge, a band of young brothers left their hometown of Rosa Morada, Mocorito in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico in 1968 and headed to the United States in the hope of providing help in the support of their family. The group’s name came about when an immigration official called them ‘little tigers’ (nickname for kids) while crossing the California border. Since they were headed North, the name of Los Tigres del Norte (The Tigers of The North) was born.

Their present-day base San Jose, California, was the city where the group succeeded on their journey northwards to establish themselves. It was in San Jose during the early 70’s, that Los Tigres Del Norte was discovered by Art Walker.

The earliest hits such as “Contrabando Y Tracion” and 1973’s “La Banda Del Carro Rojo” express the bands socially conscious tradition, the later songs such as “La Jaula De Oro” (1986) illustrate their preeminent role as a leading voice on the struggles of immigration.

As part of Los Tigres’ mutually agreed musical mission, the group has never allowed their image to be misrepresented by being photographed with weapons or by the use of offensive language in their music. They have also taken it upon themselves to express their love and respect of women in their songs and to never glorify ‘narcotic’ themes, instead approaching the subject in the group’s role of “true-to-life” storytellers.