John Wolf Brennan


John Wolf Brennan was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1954. Internationally known as a composer, performer, improvisor, pianist and organist, Brennan has performed his music throughout Europe, Russia, Canada, China, the Ukraine, the USA and Japan. He has has earned worldwide recognition and has a Markant fellowship, a Landis & Gyr London fellowship, a SBG culture award and many grants and commissions to his credit.

Brennan is a member of several international groups including Pago Libre with Arkady Shilkloper (horn, alphorn), Tscho Theissing (violin) and Tom Götze (bass); Pilgrims with Tony Majdalani & Marco Jencarelli, chai with Christian Zehnder (voice) & Arkady Shilkloper (horn, alphorn), Momentum with Gene Coleman (bassclarinet), Gerry Hemingway (drums) & Thomas K.J.Mejer (sopranino & contrabass sax), Triangulation with Christy Doran (guitars), Bruno Amstad (voice) & Patrice Héral (perc), Sculpted Sound with Magda Vogel (voice); pipelines with Hans Kennel (alphorn, trumpet), Broken Dreams with Alexandra Prusa (voice) & Peter Gossweiler (bass), Melos Montis with Franziska Wigger (voice) & Hanspeter Wigger (tp, flh, alphorn, picc tp), piano duo TwinKeys with Esther Flückiger.

Latest projects: Sonic Roots (Pan-Verlag Kassel), Tarkus and other love stories (TwinKeys), Inner and Outer Spaces (Kunstmuseum Luzern, w/Susanne Hofer), POYA (with Daniel Mezger), The Speed of Dark (solopiano), FAKE FOLK (Pago Libre), platzDADA! (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis 2009), Whirligigs (Triangulation), Broken Dreams, and Melos Montis. Was awarded the Prix de la Fondation SUISA 2002 and the prestigious UBS culture award 2008 for his “innovative work“ as composer. Lives in Weggis, Lake Lucerne.


In my work as a performer and musician, the MELODICA is like an ultra-light, mobile organ, extremely versatile
and agile. Not only it opens up new topographic and choreographic possibilities, but also completely new
soundscapes, sustained notes and a whole universe of unheard timbres. I got so fond of it, that meanwhile, I can
hardly imagine a concert without it!