Joe Filisko


It's not likely you will find many aspects regarding the current state of the diatonic harmonica that have not been influenced in some way by Joe Filisko. The harmonica is his full time job.

His craftsmanship, musicianship and knowledge of the instrument and all aspects of its history are being acknowledged and praised by the likes of Howard Levy, Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite, Gary Primich, Mickey Raphael, John Hammond, David Barrett, Madcat Ruth, Steve Baker, Mike Stevens, Doc Watson, The National Music Museum, the Harmonikamuseum Trossingen, The Starr-Gennett Records Foundation, The Paramount Blues Festival, The Country Music Hall of Fame, and even the M. Hohner Company.

Joe first came to National attention in July of 1992 with press from the Joliet Herald-News and the Associated Press. In the following months he was featured on Chicago's Channel 7 News as Harry Porterfield's "Someone You Should Know" and received press from the Chicago Tribune.

JOE... one of the players featured in the 1998 German film "Imagination is Limitless - Harmonica's Journey Around the World."

...was named "Harmonica Player of the Year" in 2001 by the SPAH organization.

...has compiled the definitive discography on Big Walter Horton, written the "Harmonica" entry for the "Encyclopedia of the Blues," published by Routledge, and has written for Bluegrass Unlimited and the RBS Gazette.

...was given the honor of performing solo at the 2006 Country Music Hall of Fame Medallion Ceremony for the Induction of DeFord Bailey the leader of the very prestigious HOHNER Affiliated Customizer program (HAC)

...has taught, performed and judged competitions on FIVE continents for numerous festivals and workshops including the Harmonica Masters Workshop in Trossingen since it's inception in 2003.