Jessica Fichot


Born in Los Angeles, USA with a French father and a Chinese mother, Jessica grew up in France in a multicultural environment. In her youth she studied music and multiple languages and graduated first at the "school of audio engineering in Paris" and later at the school of music, Boston. Afterwards she started to write songs for children which were used for training programs - as a freelancer she wrote more than 100 songs, which were published over 12 countries.

When Jessica moved back to Los Angeles, she rebuilt the connections to her roots and wrote the first songs for her album "Le chemin" (2007). Jessica got positive feedback for this album and started touring through the USA but also internationally through France, China, Spain, Mexiko and Canada. Since the publication of her second album "Le secret" Jessica regularly tours the U.S., Europa and China. In her baggage she has her band and her HOHNER accordeon. 




My HOHNER accordion (Bravo II 60) is perfect for me! It has the ideal size for me to tour and perform with while singing, and possesses that rich, full Hohner musette sound that really fits the French chanson genre.

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