Jeon Je-deok


Jeon Je-deok is Korea’s leading harmonica player. Although being blind, he has transformed the harmonica into a mainstream solo instrument.

His debut album turned into a huge success with the media celebrating him for the “rediscovery of the harmonica” and starting “a big harmonica boom”.

He won several awards, including a Korea Music Award for “Best Jazz & Crossover” and even the President´s Award for Korean Pop Culture, the biggest honor for a Korean musician.

Famous for his sweet sound and impressive technique, he now plays a variety of styles such as Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Soul, Pop, etc., making him one of the most renown harmonica players.


  • 2004  The 1st album ‘Jeon Je-deok’
  • 2006  The 2nd album ‘What is cool change’
  • 2008  Special album ‘Another story-Korean’
  • 2010  Single album ‘Jeon Je-deok & Park Ju-won 007 James bond theme’
  • 2014  The 3rd album ‘Dancing bird’