Jackie Greene


At age 30, Jackie Greene has accomplished what many artists strive decades to achieve.  He has recorded seven albums of original work, an EP, DVD, and a recently released book of lyrics.  Greene has been involved in many high-profile side projects including lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for Phil Lesh and Friends.  He is currently planning a summer tour with a new ensemble featuring members of The Black Crowes and Joan Osborne.  There will also be a series of shows with Jackie Greene, Bob Weir, and Chris Robinson as an acoustic trio.  Constantly touring, he has a reputation for putting on an energetic live show and has earned the respect of critics and musicians across the country.  Jackie tours 100 to 125 dates a year, playing to a devoted and growing fan base.  He has been featured at many high profile venues and festivals throughout the United States and Canada.

While difficult to pigeonhole his music, (one is quick to make comparisons to Bob Dylan and The Band) there is a consistent influence of Americana Roots Music that runs through the themes in his large musical catalog.  At times, his songs are playful – other times they are sorrowful.  But always, they are soulful.  Greene is musically rooted in the rock and roll tradition, though he is emotionally attached to other forms of American music like country-western and rhythm and blues.  Armed with a voice that turns heads and a near-mastery of several instruments, Greene has been dubbed “The Prince of Americana” by The New York Times.


Jackie has seven nationally and internationally distributed recordings, one EP, one DVD, and one book.

  • Rusty Nails
  • Gone Wanderin’
  • Sweet Somewhere Bound
  • Broken Hearts, Dusty Roads (DVD)
  • American Myth
  • The DIG Years: 2001-2005
  • Giving Up The Ghost
  • Small Tempest (EP)
  • Till The Light Comes
  • Gone Wanderin’: The Songs of Jackie Greene 2001 – 2011 (Book)