Heinz Hox


Heinz Hox is one of the most versatile German accordionist.
Influenced and inspired by various musical activities, he developed his own special "Tone". For all their diversity is his fondness for jazz and tango.
He studied at Duisburg and Dortmund with Guido Wagner, Jazz in Hilversum and conducting in Maastricht.
As a musician, musical director and conductor Heinz Hox works for theater, musicals and various artists.
As a studio musician, he serves a very wide stylistic range of the folk music over film music to free jazz.
He gives workshops for accordion with a focus on technique and style.


For my performances and tours with Heino, the Morino IV 120 is my first choice. The low weight, excellent response and warm, open sound greatly support my musical expression – not only in my touring with Heino, but also in my Tango and Jazz projects.