Hans-Günther Kölz


Hans-Günther Kölz was born in 1956 in Stuttgart, Germany. Teached by his father (accordion) and his mother (piano) in his early years he studied at the Hohner Konservatorium in Trossingen under Hubert Deuring, Karls Perenthaler, Brent McCall and Fritz Dobler from 1976-1980. Since 1981 Hans-Günther Kölz works as an academic at the Hohner Konservatorium and sometimes as a guest at several foreign universities. Simultanously he works as a composer, music teacher and arranger. With his orchestra “Hohnerklang Trossingen” which he leads since 1991, he travelled to places like Southafrica, Namibia, Russia, Turkey, France, Austria and Japan. Last year he celebrated his 20th anniversary of leading “Hohnerklang Orchester”.