Greg Zlap


Born in 1971 in Warsaw, Greg Zlap arrived in Paris in the late 80s, a little harmonica in his pocket. Autodidactically he perfected his harp play, became a studio musician in great demand and so can be found in French Chanson, in the Slam movement or on film soundtracks.

In 1998 Greg founded a harmonica school in Paris and - being convinced that music can do much more than nourish the soul - he taught workshops for asthmatic children in hospitals.

Greg has a parallel solo career; he writes, composes and performs the music that inspires him, taking roots in the blues, never forgetting his Slavic soul. He leads his group and already produced 5 albums under his name. Singer with a captivating clear tone, Greg Zlap surprises, seduces and conquers audiences wherever he goes!

During his "Tour 66" with French mega-star Johnny Hallyday in 2009 Greg Zlap composes and feeds on the energy of the stage to finally record a new album, AIR, in which he tells his breathtaking blues stories.


"I play exclusively Hohner harmonicas. The Golden Melody is my favorite model for its precision and its round jazzy tone. The Marine Band gives the best authentic blues sound and an outstanding chord response."


« Air » (2011)
« Road Movies » (2008)
« Varsovie » (2005)
« La Part du Diable » (2002)
« Gregtime » (1999)
« Ternaire Madness » (1997)