Grayson Masefield


Grayson Masefield was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 10th September 1987. Due to his parents both playing accordion Graysons musical career began in the early age of 3. He played in the North Shore Accordion Orchestras, starting in the Novices, progressing to the NSAO.

Grayson began classical training at Auckland University with Stephanie Poole and attended seminars and tuition with Frédéric Deschamps in France in 2007. Besides, Grayson has been invited to perform in many European countries during 2007 to 2012: France, Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, USA, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Portugal, China, New Zealand, Australia, Finland.

In 2011 Grayson performed concerts and seminars together with famous French teacher Frédéric Deschamps in over 10 different countries. Being able to perform at the highest level a varied program of serious concert works as well as entertainment music, Grayson is in high demand as a concert artist.

Grayson Masefield PLAYS