Gerhard Schiewe


Since 2000 Gerhard A. Schiewe lives and works as a freelance musician in Berlin. During this time he founded the "Ensemble Piaccordia" (violin, cello, accordion, contrabass), which played a concert at the 150th anniversary ceremony of Hohner and 2009 at the opening the Gala-Concert of the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen.

Piaccordia has a wide varieting repertoire. Besides Tango the Ensemble also plays a Brecht program as well as a Brel program. In 2009 the collaboration "Piadeux " (Silva Finger - Violine and Gerhard A. Schiewe, accordion) was formed from Piaccordia. 

In addition to arrangements and original composition Gerhard A. Schiewe writes commissioned composition and arrangements for string quartetts, accordion orchestras as well as chamber orchestras. Gerhard A. Schiewe was musically influenced through his accordion teacher Josef Dorsch. He studied at the Hohner conservatory in Trossingen music with main subject accordion.

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