Frederic Deschamps


In 1981, Deschamps had his first accordion lesson at the Centre d'Action Culturelle de Nice (Nice Cultural Centre). Three years later he practices with Philippe Baudry for five years. During the next 10 years he played and learned with famous musicians like Eric Pisani, Marcel Azzola and Francois Martin.

Today, Frederic Deschamps is an International Accordion Teacher, Author Publisher, TV Presenter and President of Conféderation Mondiale de l'Accordéon.

Between 1986 and 1992 the famous player won several prices:

Winner at the Pula International Competitions
Winner of National Championships (Concours National)
Winner of the Coupe Mondiale International Competition - Trossingen, GERMANY



As product manager for Hohner France, I have a keen understanding of what the players needs are when it comes to the musical side of the accordion (materials used, tuning, cassotto, etc.) and the technial side as well (weight, keyboard adjustment, ergonomics, etc). Having a close relation with artists in both, the educational as well as professional level, gives me the opportunity to hone in on what the players needs when it comes to accordions. Students that I am working with take part in international competitions: Jérôme Richard 6 time World Champion, Julien Gonzales 6 time World Champion, Fred Baldo 4 time World Champion, Phil Bouvier 2 time World Champion, Ben Nortier who is only 13 years of age and already a world champion in the history of the accordion. It is students like these that encourage me to further my research and development for new products. I thank Hohner for this incredible adventure and journey in the accordion world.