Flavio Guimaraes


Flávio Guimarães is a harmonica player, singer and Brazilian Blues pioneer. In his two decades lasting career, he has released 19 CDs - nine solo albums and ten as part of Brazil's premier Blues-Rock band "Blues Etílicos".

Flávio has opened shows for B.B. King and Robert Cray. He has shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Blue and Rick Estrin and the Nightcats among others. Besides as special guests in some of Flávio's albums Howard Levy, Charlie Musselwhite and Sugar Blue can be listed. In addition recordings of top Brazilian artists, television commercials and film and television soundtracks feature Flávio playing the harmonica.

Guimarães is considered to be THE harmonica reference in Brazil - on the one hand due to his pioneering work with the blues diatonic harmonica, on the other hand due to his consistently evolving playing and the passing on of harmonica information. A whole generation of harmonica players was taught by Flávio, beginning the blues harp movement in Brazil.

He also has been producing for the last 12 years The International Meeting of Harmonica. This event happens in the city of São Paulo and it is the most important harmonica event in Latin America, with more than 2.000 people attending every year and presenting a large variety of harmonica players and styles.

Flávio's most recent release is the CD Flávio Guimarães and Friends, with Charlie Musselwhite, Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, Steve Guyger, Gary Smith, Peter Madcat and Joe Filisko as special guests. Right now, he’s finishing the production of his new album, in duo with blues acoustic guitarist Álamo Leal.


I can’t imagine myself playing any other kind of harmonica than Hohner. I’m using the Crossover because it gives me more volume and accuracy when I’m on stage together with the whole band and two powerful guitar players on my side. I don’t thing no other harp can give you such power, although I also use the Marine Band Deluxe. Both models produce great tone, playing acoustically or through an amplifier. In terms of the chromatic, I enjoy the Chromonica 64 and the Deluxe 48. They are long lasting instruments that keep their tuning and I’m very proud that I had become Hohner’s first endorser in South America.