Flaco Jimenez


It has been said that what B.B. King is to the blues or George Jones is to traditional country, Grammy-winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez is to the world of Tex-Mex Conjunto, While there are many masters of the accordion along the Texas-Mexican border, none but Flaco have toured the world over or recorded with major pop, rock and country artists. By all accounts, he is an international icon for the accordion-fueled Conjunto genre. The Hohner accordion has been Flaco's signature sound and has been a part of his family's tradition including his grandfather Patricio Jimenez, and his legendary father Don Santiago Jimenez Sr.

Flaco's Conjunto style is derived from many cultural backgrounds, spanning from its Tex-Mex roots to honky-tonk country, rock'n'roll and Tejano. His unique accordion playing has earned him five Grammy Awards, and he continues to inspire accordionists around the world.