Edward "Ed Bassie" Morse


Ed Bassie grew up in Miami, Florida, and lived down the road from one of the most influential music families in history, the Marley family. As a child he was unconsciously immersed in a musical culture that would forever influence him. Later, it was a deceased member of this family, one of Ed Bassie’s dear friends, who appeared to him in a dream and gave him instruction on playing the bass.

Ed Bassie went to Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida, and later received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Sociology from the University of Miami. His formal musical training was with Maestro Felix Santos Guindel at Ateneo Jazz School in Madrid, Spain. Ed continues to live in Madrid and plays with Mamafunko (Funk, Blues, Soul and R’n’B) and the Okoumé Lions Band (Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop) supporting the popular Reggae artist Morodo. Ed Bassie has performed in several major festivals in South America, Mexico, United States and Europe, as well as recording with a wide array of artists for various projects. He has also translated two of Felix Santos’s books: Harmony and Technique for Bass and Modern Harmony. When Ed Bassie is not on tour you can usually catch him at Okoume Studios in Madrid.

Since December 2013 Ed Bassie is an official member of the HOHNER artist family. His "weapon of choice" is the HOHNER Headless B2A V in walnut satin and cherry sunburst.


Mad Sensi Band - PowerPlant (2006)

Various songs on:

Ras Kuko - Entre Tu y Yo (2013)

Ras Kuko - Ras Kuko And Friends (2010)

Bratt Heartical - Inna Chalice Conncection (2010)

Ras Kuko - Raspect (2008)

Chulito Chamacho - Kinky Music (2006)


Okoumé Lions Band (Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-Hop back-up band)

Mamafunko (Funk/Soul James Brown tribute band)