David Barrett


David Barrett is the world's leading expert in blues harmonica education... blazing the way in every facet of its education for over twenty years.

At the age of 16, David was a private student of the local legend Gary Smith who as well introduced him to the local blues scene. By age 18 David was studying music theory and started teaching harmonica at local music institutes.

The School of the Blues was founded by him in 2002 in San Jose, California - the first school worldwide for the specific study of blues music. David is also the founder and head instructor of Harmonica Masterclass Workshops, founded in 1994 - the first of its kind for blues harmonica.

By age 20, David had released his first book, Building Harmonica Technique (Mel Bay Publications), that is considered to be the first serious blues harmonica method to be released in the market. David Barrett is now the world’s most published author of blues harmonica lesson material with over 60 book/CD sets and videos. Besides featured columns for Blues Revue Magazine, HarmonicaSessions.com and the Harmonica Masterclass Workshop Free eZine are written by David. In addition to that he is creating lesson material for his students at www.BluesHarmonica.com. Other instructors also participate in BluesHarmonica.com, such as noted educator Joe Filisko, as well as interviews with players such as Charlie Musselwhite, Rod Piazza, Gary Smith, Steve Baker and many more.

A Grammy nomination is listed in Davids vita and he performs regularly in the California Bay Area (San Francisco Blues Festival, Monterey Bay Blues Festival, etc.) and abroad (Chicago, Germany, etc.). 

The Hohner Marine Band Harmonica is my voice in the Blues. No other instrument has given me so much, and no other brand has performed so well for me.


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