Dave Sharman


Dave Sharman is a critically acclaimed British guitar virtuoso and one of the world’s top rock guitarists. Alongside his blistering guitar skills, Dave is also a singer / songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Although his main genre is rock, he often cuts across and blends genres.

Playing a session for the BBC's legendary 'Friday Rock Show' made him known in the world as a great guitar virtuoso. Sharman's debut album ‘1990’ was released soon afterwards to critical acclaim with Dave nominated for ‘'Guitar God in waiting” and declared “the finest guitarist to emerge from Europe in decades'' (Pete Prown - Guitar For The Practicing Musician).

Kerrang magazine added ‘'he is the best guitar player since Vinnie Moore and infinitely more pleasant on the ear than Steve Vai''. Dave has since moved on from pure instrumental led guitar work to a more song based approach releasing two further albums ‘Exit Within’ and ‘Here ‘N’ Now’ as well as two compilations ‘Dave Sharman - The Best Of Vol I and Vol II’ featuring 20 of his best loved tracks.

Dave's new studio album EVOLUTION MACHINE is out now. Alongside his blistering guitars skills, Dave is also handling all lead vocals on the ten track album. The new material is a hybrid of influences combining genres such as funk, eastern and classic rock.

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Exit Within
Here 'N' Now
The Best Of Dave Sharman - Vol I
The Best Of Dave Sharman - Vol II
Evolution Machine (2013)